Why We Need to Buy a New TV Online

When it comes time to actually purchase that new TV you’ve had your eye on, is it better to buy it on the internet or head to a store? We weigh the pros and cons of each.

If In The Store you going to Buy any TV You looked around you All of the fame of the TV all brands , Sony ,Videocon,Panasonic , Lloyd,Toshiba,AOC,Many More But there you looking here for the Best Price and Best Quality In the Tv and How about the working Functionality and Picture Sound and Connectivity ETC

But here we taking that the Price and Quality and Functionality , when you asking to the salesman he talk about the specifice Tv brand which one you interested it will give you the best price in other brand commissioner of branded tv.

Now lets talk about the all what you Should To Know When you Buying The New TV

First thing is Size and panel and Second it is LED or LCD or Plasma and Third id HD or Full-HD and Fourth is Smart TV, Connectivity and Fifth here Warranty and Sixth Most important it is 3D or Not

these 6 Terms Most of the TV shows in its Base and this is The Config that is plan to buy new tv

Diffrance b/t LED | LCD | Plasma :
The jargon in LED, LCD and Plasma can get confusing, especially with manufacturers using proprietary terms like “LED+” and “SuperLED”. Here’s what you need to know: Unless you are buying a TV that costs Rs 1.5 lakh or more, you aren’t going to get a full-array LED or a “true LED” screen. For anything below that, there isn’t going to be a very big difference between LED, LCD and Plasma as there’s a lot more to display technology that determines how good your pictures will look.

Plasma televisions will give you better black levels, but they also cost a lot to repair, so you may want to look at LCD or LED instead. From these two, buy whatever looks best to your eye.

Diffrance B/t HD Vs Full-HD :
At anything below 46 inches, it’s difficult to tell an HD TV apart from a Full-HD TV unless you are watching a Blu-ray movie at a distance of less than eight feet. If that’s your seating arrangement and viewing style, then Full-HD would be worth it. For anything else, an HD TV (usually called HD-ready) is going to be quite all right. That said, if you are choosing between two TVs and one is HD while the other is Full HD, opt for the latter.

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