For Oppo’s Mobile Handset OPPO JIO CHEER CRICKET Scheme

Louder the cheer the more you win

get all your friend to cheer your favorite team  and get chance to will 360 GB 4G Data For 1 Year free


  • Customer with OPPO handset to SMS OJ to 59009 from RJIO number.
  • Customer will get a confirmation with a link to participate.
  • Customer to log in with Facebook account and enter RJIO number to enrol.
  • A unique shareable link will be generated for customer.


  • Customer to share the unique link on Facebook, Twitter and/or WhatsApp.
  • Customer will be rewarded based on the number of clicks on the link shared.

TABLE A: Entitlements Table

Mega Prize Additional 360 GB in a year 300 30GB 12 recharge cycles or 12 months, whichever is earlier from the date of first recharge after declaration of results 300 Eligible Subscribers achieving the highest number of clicks made to the URLs will win the Mega Prize,followed by 1500 Eligible Subscribers for the Bumper Prize and subs equent 6000 for the Super Prize.
Bumper Prize Additional 180 GB in 6 Months 1500 30 GB 6 recharge cycles or 6 months, whichever is earlier from the date of first recharge after declaration of results Same Plan
Super Prize Additional 30 GB in 3 Months 6000 10 GB 3 recharge cycles or 3 months, whichever is earlier from the date of first recharge after declaration of results Same plan

How to participate in Scheme.

1.The Eligible Subscriber needs to send an SMS <OJ> to 59009 from his/her RJIO number activeon the Eligible Device, during the Scheme Period. The SMS, so sent, shall be toll -free.

2.RJIO will , thereafter, send the Link By way of an SMS to the RJIO number from which the SMS from the Eligible Subscriber was received .
3.The Eligible Subscriber will then have to click on the Link  and log-in with a combination of his/her Facebook ID and RJIO number.

4.Upon  successful  login,the  URL will  be  generated which will be  unique  for  each Eligible Subscriber

5.The Eligible Subscriber may  choose  to share  the  URL  on his/her Facebook,  Twitter and  WhatsApp accounts.

6.An Eligible Subscriber, who meets the selection criteria as provided in Table   A: Entitlements Table shall be entitled to the relevant category of prizes as listed thereunder  (“Winner”) The click on the URL counted for each Eligible Subscriber per platform will be one unique  click (“Unique  Click”) To  illustrate, when a person clicks  the  URL  5  times from  one  account  on either of the three platforms, the raw clicks are 5 but the Unique Click shall be only 1 since these clicks originate from the same account on that platform.

7.In  the  event  of  Eligible  Subscribers  achieving  the  same  number  of  clicks  for  any  category,RJIO may
consider the time of registration to the Scheme ( on first come first served basis)
for determining entitlement to any category of prize. Any such decision taken by RJIO, on the
entitlement of an Eligible Subscriber, shall be final and binding on such Eligible Subscriber

8.Intimation of the prize to the Winner shall be made via appropriate means

How To activate the Additional Data

To  activate the Additional Data Voucher and avail the Scheme, the Eligible Subscriber will have to download the MyJio Application on his/her Eligible Device and follow the steps specified below:
Open My  Jio  App ->  My  Vouchers ->  View  Voucher ->  Recharge  my  number ->  Confirm Recharge-> Successful Recharge Notification.

Thereafter, the Additional Data Voucher shall be visible under the My Plans section

Benefits of the Scheme (“Scheme Benefits”)

1.A Winner , who,during the subsistence of the Scheme , recharges his/her RJIO subscription, by availing  the  Recharge,  shall  be  entitled  to additional 4G data voucher (“Additional Data
Voucher”) as per the entitlement stated in TABLE A:Entitlements Table.

2. The Additional Data Voucher would be credited to the account of the Eligible Subscriber within 48 hours of Recharge.

3. Where a Winner gets an Additional Data Voucher under any category of Table A  Entitlements Table,  the maximum number of recharges for such Eligible Subscribers  shall be  as specified against the said category.

4.In  case  of  redeemed  Additional  Data  Vouchers,  the Scheme benefits,  if  any,  that  remain unutilized at the end of the Recharge cycle period , will expire and be forfeited.

5.Such  Additional  Data  Vouchers  that  are  not  redeemed  within  the Entitlement  Period  shall expire and be forfeited.

6.An Eligible Subscriber shall be entitled for only such number of Additional Data Vouchers and the Scheme Benefits thereunder as corresponding with the number of Recharges the Eligible
Subscriber performs within the Entitlement Period



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